Underpaid Insurance Claims

Re-opened, Unresolved, or Underpaid Insurance Claims

Don’t Give Up…You May Still Have Time

Trying to set things right following a loss can be an extremely frustrating situation, full of anxiety and issues that seem impossible to overcome. During such a stressful time, it’s often easier to settle for less to bring things to a close. When a covered loss occurs, it’s not unusual for an insured to agree to a lower settlement to receive quick results. Unfortunately, this often leads to a situation akin to buyer’s remorse. Most insured individuals don’t know that Florida statutes allow you to re-open any property insurance claim within 5 years if you believe you didn’t receive an equitable settlement!

The very fact that this statute exists is testimony to the prevalence of unsatisfactory settlements. As an insured, you have specific rights as detailed in your policy. Leading Public Adjusters One helps ensure your rights are upheld…even up to 5 years after the settlement of your initial claim.

In many cases, a claim may be reopened even after receiving a settlement. Some of the reasons to reopen the claim could include:

  • The presentation of evidence that the insurance company didn’t adequately compensate you for your loss.
  • The introduction of information that wasn’t initially available when your claim was submitted.
  • The discovery of additional damage(s) that was missed during the initial assessment.
  • Discovering that materials used in repairs, or products provided were not equal in quality to those they replaced.

Professional Intervention Makes the Difference

Remember: you’re dealing with a professional who handles claims every day. When you need to reopen a claim, having Leading Public Adjusters One handle the process is your best step towards resolving the issue. We meticulously review your insurance policy so we can verify your coverage, exclusions, and limits. We review your claim and settlement documents, investigate any exclusions, and compare them to the language in your policy to make sure it applies to your specific claim.

The professional public adjusters of Leading Public Adjusters One have years of experience negotiating fair and equitable resolutions through reopening closed claims, getting insured more than their original settlement.

Oftentimes an insurance company will be much more receptive to the idea of paying out more than their initial offer once they receive additional information and/or requests from Leading Public Adjusters One. Most insurance companies prefer not to prolong the claims process and prefer to reach an agreement. This avoids any possibility of lengthy mediation and the costs of legal recourse.

If you’re not satisfied with what you received from your insurance company, call Leading Public Adjusters One!

Let LPA1 re-open your claim and get you the money you should have been paid!

We look forward to helping you get what you deserve.

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