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The Proactive Path to Equitable Claims

Let Leading Public Adjusters One Handle your New Insurance Claim

What should you expect when you first file a property insurance claim? How long does it typically take to settle a claim? How can you be sure you’re receiving a fair settlement?

These are the types of issues that make property owners anxious when they suffer a loss, and it’s no wonder. Chances are good that you’ll only ever file one property insurance claim, while the insurance company adjusters handle several each day. They have experiential knowledge of how to ‘walk’ an insured to their desired result…not yours.


Public Insurance Adjuster

FIRST…call Leading Public Adjusters One

Your first instinct following a loss will be to call your insurance company. Don’t! First, call Leading Public Adjusters One. Our team will walk you through what you should and shouldn’t do, help you avoid saying anything that may jeopardize your position, and carefully explain the rights you have as an insured. Remember: an insurance carrier claim adjusters work for the insurance company, not you. You want someone who puts your needs first.

It Takes an Experienced Insurance Claims Adjuster

Public insurance adjuster in Miami reviewing documents with a client for a new insurance claimThe professional public adjusters at Leading Public Adjusters One provide the assistance you need from initially reporting your claim to negotiating an equitable settlement, and everything in between.

Our team has years of experience serving clients throughout Florida. They understand the intricacies of the claims process. They’ve spent countless hours studying policy language, learning how to correctly interpret the maze of insurance jargon, and how to apply what they know to ensure your rights are protected.

When extensive damage is involved, your insurance company may require specific documentation. You’ll be expected to protect your belongings from any further damage. Documenting the damage properly is an important step that far too many home and business owners fail to take. Leading Public Adjusters One’s professional public adjusters walk you through every step so your claim will be processed properly.

Property Damage Claims Adjuster that will Negotiate for YOU

Insurance company adjusters work diligently to settle a claim quickly…but not equitably. If there is a discrepancy concerning the value of replacement materials, personal items, or other damaged properties, the insurance company adjuster looks to reduce the payout the insurance company has to make. Leading Public Adjusters One works for you.

We call in your claim, schedule any necessary appointments, communicate with the adjuster to define your loss, and provide our estimate of damages. When there is a disagreement, we negotiate your claim so you get the settlement you deserve. Our goal is to minimize your frustration…and maximize your settlement.

Leading Public Adjusters One is here to handle all your property loss damage claims, including (but not limited to):

Let Leading Public Adjusters One handle your New Insurance Claim

We look forward to helping you get the settlement you deserve.

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