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It’s no secret that an insurance policy isn’t known for its clarity. Trying to decipher its language when a loss occurs is frustrating at best. I’ve spent many years wading through industry jargon to ensure policyholders are treated fairly.

Today, Leading Public Adjusters One has put together a team of talented professional adjusters who understand the ins and outs of insurance coverage. They have years of experience helping people just like you receive a fair and equitable settlement when a loss occurs. For us, it’s about making sure your insurance company honors their commitment as outlined in the policy…and we make sure you understand exactly what that policy promises. Doing the right, even when no one is watching: that’s how we define integrity at Leading Public Adjusters One.

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Insurance claim adjuster in Miami shaking hands with a clientLike every business, the insurance industry works hard to earn the trust of its customer base. They spend millions of dollars every year to uphold an image of fairness and credibility, and on most fronts, that image is accurate. However, it is also in the insurance company’s best interest to reduce their costs to maintain a level of profitability that keeps the stockholders happy.

Reducing the amount paid out for losses is a major responsibility of insurance claim adjusters. This is a task for which they have been expertly trained. While the average homeowner files a claim once every ten years, the average claim adjuster closes 2 to 4 claims every day.

That means they’re more experienced, more knowledgeable, and more likely to pull the strings that determine what kind of settlement you’ll receive.

Public adjuster in Palmetto Bay reviewing documents to be signed by a clientPUBLIC ADJUSTER FOCUSED ON YOUR INTERESTS

While an insurance policy declares what is and is not covered, the definition of words like ‘average’, ‘typical’, or ‘standard’ is open to interpretation. That allows an insurance company’s adjuster to argue for a reduction in the amount of a settlement or even deny a claim.

With more than 20 years of experience, Leading Public Adjusters One has the insurance industry expertise and knowledge necessary to see that you receive the maximum amount payable under your policy. Our professional public adjusters bring a balance to the claims process by working on your behalf, focusing on your interests. Our team has succeeded in making sure our clients receive the best possible outcome, often resulting in thousands of additional settlement dollars.

Leading Public Adjusters One successfully handles a wide variety of residential and commercial claims, including those for:

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