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In a perfect world, you would always receive all the benefits and protections afforded you as part of your insurance policy coverage. In that perfect world, you don’t have to worry when you suffer a covered loss.

It’s not a perfect world, which is why Leading Public Adjusters One Inc exists.

We work for you!

One of the most important truths that policyholders come to realize following a loss is the actual role of the insurance adjuster. While we’re told that settling your claim quickly and fairly is the number one concern of your insurance adjuster, there is a very different reality. It’s important to remember that your friendly insurance adjuster is an employee of the insurance company. In many, many instances, this quickly creates an adversarial relationship between the insurance carrier and the insured, leading to a lot of frustration and a settlement that is far too often less than you deserve.

The ultimate job of an insurance adjuster is to protect the interests of their employer. That means keeping loss payouts as low as possible. The more they save the insurance company, the less you receive as a settlement.

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Leading Public Adjusters One brings equality to the insurance claim process.

Our qualified public adjusters work for you, ensuring that you receive the full and equitable settlement you deserve. Our professional public adjusters have years of experience deciphering the language of insurance policies. They have an intimate understanding of the insurance claims process, ensuring proper assessment and documentation that get you the best possible settlement.

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Our Mission

Leading Public Adjusters One ensures your insurance company complies with the benefits stated in each policy to ensure the policyholder is fairly indemnified for the covered loss.


It May Not Be Too Late!

Here’s something the insurance companies don’t necessarily like to share: You can reopen an insurance claim up to 5 years after the initial settlement!

That means that should you believe you didn’t receive the settlement to which you were entitled, you can engage the services of Leading Public Adjusters One to help you get what you should have received.

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Public Insurance Adjuster FAQs

Will my settlement be larger if I hire a public adjuster?

While every situation is different, history shows that individuals who use a public adjuster almost always receive a higher insurance company settlement. Your claim is represented by a seasoned professional who submits a detailed, complete, and carefully-prepared claim. This type of professional preparation generally results in a higher settlement. We meticulously review the evidence, inspect the site of the loss, and document all damage.

What is a Public Adjuster?

Unlike an insurance adjuster working for an insurance company, a public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster that advocates on behalf of the policyholder throughout the claim process, including appraising and negotiating. The public adjuster is the only type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured throughout the claims process.

Can my insurance company cancel my contract if I hire you?

This would be considered a violation of existing laws and ethics that regulate the insurance industry. An insurance company cannot terminate your policy if you hire a public adjuster.

If the insurance company closes my claim, do I have any recourse?

Florida law allows you to file a supplemental claim up to 5 years after the date of loss. If you believe you were wronged in the initial claim, call Leading Public Adjusters One Inc.

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